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    leopard closeee

    The Idea I found for the challenge but i will probably try change a few parts and make it a little different(concept by bobkehl  on IG):


    I started a little late but i was already creating a character(first time creating a character in 3D) which was a cat and only started so i decided to change it to go with the challenge. Here is what i used as base:


    I changed the model to match my reference using Maya for the most part and Zbrush for the head. I also retopologized the sculpt on Maya. Here is the head sculpt from Zbrush and the blockout.



    Then I added texture and tried xgen for the first time using interactive and the description collection method not too sure what its called. Heres how it came out:


    I didn’t like the head so i changed it using more reference for the sculpt and tried making it realistic.


    Once again I redid the Xgen and tried to make the textures more realistic using substance painter and Photoshop. For the wrinkles on the clothes i did a displacement on Zbrush. For the little braided beard i used a tutorial on youtube but i basically used curves. I also added more accessories like the chain and ring. I still need to refine the fur,  texture the earing n necklace and make the eyes & sword but heres the progress so far:





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