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  • Artyom Mayorov

    Hello! I’m a beginner character modeller from Russia. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m quite excited to partake in this new challenge and maybe in next ones. Big thanks to Flipped Normals and their community for such a great opportunity to have fun doing something among such talented artists as all of you are!
    My idea is to create an undead pirate character that was unlucky enough to dig out some pirate treasure that was cursed. And now he is an undead, just a regular pirate on the ship, sailoring under his captain’s flag on a ship full of living dead.


    First, I’ve gathered some references of fantasy undeads. All sorts of undeads, not necessarily pirates. And some references of anorexic males for anatomy refences as undeads have this sort of look with skin, bones and very very small muscles, so anorexic males are perfect for me. As I started sculpting I’ve got a feeling I’ve not got enough references, though. So, I’m gonna gather a lot more for the next session. But for now my main goal was to get some basic shapes right without going in something fancy. I think I’m still gonna correct this base mesh a lot as I’m not satisfied with it. But here is it for now:


    I’ve added some clothes just to get the idea of what it will look like at this early stage to have an idea on what parts of body I should focus more. Clothes will be simulated in Marvelous Designer later.

    Artyom Mayorov

    Here are some other views of a basemesh. Feedback is appreciated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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