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    So I’m hoping to have an awesome character by the end of this challenge. I have a somewhat issue with taking forever to finish projects and I think this fairly short deadline is what I really need to give myself a kickstart and show myself what I can get done in a shorter timeframe. I’ve been listening to Mythos by Steven Fry to get into the mood while sculpting and its actually been pretty great learning about Greek Mythology. I’m not 100% sure which influences I’m fully going to hone in on but I have a broad idea of where I’m going.  Sidenote: I started with a blank Subdiv Lvl.1 Retopo of a previous generic male character just so I could have decent supporting topology for the sculpt.

    This is the result of the first 2-3 hours ( A plus of the audiobook I can tell how long I spent each time! Cool bonus.)


    Below: Base Topology ( No additional Subdiv Details, just what’s in the image below )



    Another update to the character body. I’m still not 100% sure on the final ambition but I’m happy with the progression anatomy wise. Hopefully, in the next update, I will be showing more clearly the direction this is going. Any C&C is welcomed on the anatomy, it’s not perfect just trying my best. (Sorry about the dark skin tint in these screenshots I realize its not the best on the background.)


    Bonus Marmoset Render


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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