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  • breabrz


    A little late to the challenge but here goes! So I’ve basically based my character off my concept shown below. He is named the ‘Root King’ which was initially a corpse intertwined with branches and roots that run throughout his body. I’ve begun modelling the main parts of the body and gradually adjusting the proportions of the face and arms. Will start working on creating the branches and foliage soon.  Feedback is welcome!


    root king-1

    First WIP

    wip 1wip 2

    wip 3


    Update #2

    So, I’ve made a bit of progress so far. I’ve added more fine details to the rotting skin of the body. I’ve also added tree branches and tigs that twist around the arms and torso. The gaping hole in his stomach is filled with more roots and branches. I’ve begun retopologizing only the body just to make texturing a tiny bit easier. When the texturing is done, I’ll be adding dead leaves and other dead foliage on the branches and root crown (also teeth whoops).

    Wip 6wip 7


    retop WIP

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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