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  • Morten Jaeger
    Wizard @ FlippedNormals

    Welcome to the offical FlippedNormals Challenges forums!

    This forum is dedicated to our monthly FlippedNormals Challenges.

    The topic changes each month, so make sure to check in and participate to win prices from the FlippedNormals library.

    We encourage artists of all skill levels to enter. It’s not always going to be the “best” piece that wins. We want to reward the idea as well as execution, so don’t be afraid to enter even if you think your skill level isn’t quite there yet.

    For each given month we’ll create a new sub-forum. Inside of that months forum, simply create a new thread and start posting your WIPS and eventually your final submission.
    If you also post the latest update by editing your first thread, it’ll be easier for everyone to find.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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