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    🦄FlippedNormals Forum Rules🦄

    1. Be kind – This is a public forum and there are professionals as well as novices here. Don’t ruin your reputation by being a dick.

    2. Spam – It’s not tolerated.

    3. Links – Only posting links in your post, especially when posting a portfolio piece will result in you post being deleted. Please upload images directly to the forum instead.

    4. Mature Content – We’re totally cool with nudity, as long as it’s tasteful. Please mark your posts with [NSFW].

    We’re a pretty laid back and fun community that strives to help each other in 3D! We want the experience of the FlippedNormals Forums to be friendly, helpful and fun and you can help us with that by following these simple rules. Enjoy!

    👨‍🔧If you have a question about a product you bought on FlippedNormals, please email [email protected]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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