About the Product

Concept Sculpting an Orc Bust

25 Minute Excerpt

Orc Concept Sculpting

Learn how to sculpt an orc using production-proven techniques from the film industry, with live commentary. The methods used here can be used to sculpt any creature and can really serve as a foundation for all your future sculpts. If you’ve had issues with getting started with sculpting, this series is perfect for you.

Follow Along

The sculpt has been saved out while sculpting as Ztools, so you can easily open up the files and work on top of what’s been done in the video. The ZBrush Project with the Timeline is also included – so you can easily scrub through all the sculpting.


  • 1h 34 minute of real-time sculpting with commentary
  • Custom ZBrush UI
  • 7 Ztools from start to finish
  • ZBrush Project with timeline
  • OBJ Base Mesh

Software Used

  • ZBrush 2018

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