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Creative Streams – Making Money from Digital Artwork –

For the last several years I’ve sold digital artwork through Istockphoto and managed to build a successful passive income that generates over $1000 a month. I firmly believe that anyone can easily do this. Furthermore I highly believe that most digital artists out there are sitting on a gold mine just waiting to be tapped. I want to share with you my own experience in how I monetized my own skills and artwork and how others can tap into the power of microstock libraries and start their own creative stream.

Untapped Goldmine

In this instructional pack, you will find a 7-hour video documenting my process of creating the above artwork for Istockphoto. You will see the process from beginning to end, no corners cut! Right through the steps of submitting the artwork to istockphoto.

Passive Income eBook

A 45-page ebook that highlights my own experiences, tips, and tricks that describe in depth the most important factors in building a passive income from your work and a breakdown of the process used in creating the artwork.

Includes high-resolution .psd of the final artwork.



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