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Creature Concepting

In this Creature Concepting in ZBrush tutorial we will explore a lot of different concepts when it comes to creating creatures. We will take you through some very basics techniques in ZBrush just to get you started, as well as talk about advanced sculpting concepts to really help you enhance your design.
We’ll cover both 2D and 3D concepts, talking about design and delving into why figuring out your creature is just as important as actually producing it.

Design Principles

We’ll be discussing different design principles and how we go about exploring our design and making it the best it can be. Everything we talk about is directly applicable to your own work and is in no way limited to what we are showing.

Start to Finish

We’ll take you through the entire process of Creature Concepting in ZBrush, from the basics in ZBrush to rendering in MODO and finally finishing off the piece in Photoshop.
If you’re unsure if this CG tutorial series is right for you, feel free to read this review from William Vaughan.

Check out the review of Creature Concepting in ZBrush – by William Vaughan

Review: Creature Concepting in Zbrush

Software Used

ZBrush 4R7
Photoshop CS5
MODO 901

Files Included

ZBrush files: Start – Mid way – Finished  – Posed
Training Videos
Lighting MODO files

Chapter List

00 – Intro
01 – Ideas and Reference
02 – Brush Techniques
03 – Dynamesh 101
04 – Sculpting the Base
05 – Refining in Photoshop
06 – Sculpting Internal Shapes
07 – Refining the Sculpt
08 – Sanity Check
09 – Sculpting Details
10 – Modo for Beginners
11 – Posing
12 – Lighting
13 – Postwork in Photoshop


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