About the Product

What You’ll Learn

You’ll get a solid understanding of how to retopologize a head through a detailed 36-page illustrated guide and by looking at the resources included. This will serve as a proper guide to all your head topology needs, regardless of what style you’re going for. The retopo is done in 3D-Coat, but the principles are the same in any 3D software, such as MODO, Maya or Max.

Product Includes

– Detailed 36 page step-by-step illustrated guide.
– A4 printable reference sheet of the topology from different angles
– Video turntable of the topology
– Dynameshed head (for practice) and retopologized head (for reference or base mesh)
– Video tutorial outlining a couple tips on reducing edge-flow

Bonus Content

Here you will find the bonus content pertaining to my YouTube tutorial on How to Retopologize a Head:



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