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Hydrant – Unwrapping tutorial


In this 1 hours video tutorial, you will see my workflow to clean up and unwrap this hydrant in Blender. You will see how I clean the model up to have a perfect and uniform wires and how I unwrap the different parts of the model.

I explain the entire process 😉

My goal is to have the perfect unwrap to be able to paint in Substance Painter, Blender or Mari without any issues.


In the first part, I will check my mesh to see where I need to add some edges loops to finalize it to have a proper model usable on every scene I will work on.

When the model is clean, I’ll start the unwrapping – I will add seams to cut my model up and start the unwrap.

When everything will be ok, I will export the Low Res and the High Res to Substance Painter, I will create the maps (AO, Normal, etc) with backing from the High Res – and it will be perfect since I checked every part of the process 🙂

I hope you will like this tutorial and it will help you in your work 😉

About Your Instructor

My name is Cédric Lepiller, I’m a 3D Freelancer in France since 2005. I work on Blender for the modeling and in Maya for other parts (Xgen, render in Redshift, etc).

I’m a generalist, specialized in character modeling.  You can see my work on my ArtStation page.

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RMB Pie MenuTextools

Files Included

– 1 hours 10 minutes .mp4 video tutorials in high quality

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more tutorials!


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