About the Product

Introduction to Arnold

In this Introduction to Arnold series, you’ll learn everything you need to know about using Arnold for Maya and how to create stunning renders. Learn the theory of Arnold and how to optimize it to get fast and efficient renders. With Arnold, you can spend less time worrying about technical issues and more time making beautiful images.

Quality Training

With almost 4 hours of quality Arnold training, you’ll be ready to start your own projects right away. Learn how to install custom shaders, how linear workflow works in Arnold, using cryptomattes, using the render view, setting up a custom lookdev environment and much more!

Project Based

Introduction to Arnold is heavily project based. The beginning of the series will cover the theory, while the second part will guide you through a project. You’ll learn how to light and shade a scene, combining all the principles you’ve learnt so far.

Lookdev Environment

One of the most important parts of shading is having a clean and effective lookdev environment. Zeno will guide you through how to he sets up his lookdev environments – and how to make sure your shaders will work in any light setup. A good lookdev environment is one of a shading artist’s most useful tools.

Master Arnold Shaders

The Arnold shaders are covered in-depth, where advanced topics will be covered. Learn about how work with the shaders in a physically based manner, how IOR and metalness works, and much more. Once you understand how the shaders work, you can create every material you can imagine.

About your Instructor

Zeno Pelgrims is an incredibly talented artist and instructor with a deep knowledge of shading, render engines and how light operates. He’s worked as lead shading artist and now currently working at Animal Logic in Vancouver as a shading artist. Zeno is also the founder of shaders.xyz – a community focused around shading. You can check out Zeno’s beautiful work on his Personal Website.

Software Used

– Maya 2017
– Arnold 5

Files Included

– 3 hours 51 minutes of video tutorials
– Project files

Chapter List

01 – Introduction
02 – Arnold Theory
03 – Render Settings
04 – Linear Workflow & Mip Mapping
05 – AlShaders
06 – Render View
07 – StandardSurface
08 – Lookdev Environment
09 – Shading of the Can
10 – Shading of the Tubes
11 – Shading of the Tape
12 – Curves
13 – Shadow Mattes
14 – Cryptomatte Render Settings
15 – Lights
16 – Camera
17 – Stand-ins
18 – Light Groups

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Note About the Al-Library

The alshaders nodes that are used were compiled for Arnold 5. Development stopped for the alSurface shader, but the nodes used in the tutorial are just as valid now as they were then. There’s no problem using any of the nodes used in Maya 2018. 

You can find the alShaders here

The tutorial uses the standard Arnold shaders for the main shading.


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