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VRay Crash Course – Maya

Follow along with Emmy Award winning 3D Artist Ian Ruhfass in this 3 hour VRay course. You will learn the essentials in VRay that you should be spending 99% of your time on.

A lot of tutorials out there go over the math and theory behind every little attribute in VRay leaving you more confused than when you started, but in this course I will show you the most important things that I focus on in the studio.

After becoming comfortable using lights and shaders in a fast/efficient manner, we will go over displacement, depth of field, motion blur, and render elements. At the end, I will show you a 40 minute lighting demo so that you can see my workflow and process as I light a scene.


This course consists of the following chapters:

1 – Introduction (2min)

2 – Render Settings (40min)

3 – Lighting (24min)

4 – Shaders (55min)

5 – Extras (35min)

6 – Lighting Demo (40min)

And visit Ian’s personal portfolio at www.ianruhfass.com


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