About the Product

XMD – How to Create Zbrush Brushes

Tutorial – Zbrush Brush Creation

You asked for it – so here it is! This is a extensive tutorial about making brushes in ZBrush. It will also help when customizing existing brushes. All videos are straight to the point.

There are 4 creature brushes included as well!

The tutorial set is 45 minutes in length with 9 videos.

What You’ll Learn

– Part 1: Reference Gathering and Deciding Brush Types (dragRect, Spray, Dots)
– Part 2: The different types of brushes in ZBrush: Dots, dragRect,Spray
– Part 3: Getting your document ready
– Part 4: Creating a brush from a sculpt in ZBrush
– Part 5: Creating a brush from Photoshop
– Part 6: Creating a stroke dot brush
– Part 7: Manipulating the alpha and stroke
– Part 8: Saving your Brush
– Part 9: Conclusion

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!


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