Beautiful Lighting In Seconds

FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes for MODO, Maya & 3ds Max


Above image was created by Ten24 using the FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes. For more of their stunning scans, click Here


To get a job, you need to stand out from your fierce competition. The better your reel, the better your chances of landing the job is. The FlippedNormals Lighting Scene is the perfect tool for the job. Even with no lighting experience at all, you’re guaranteed a memorable reel!


Lighting can be incredibly hard to get right so we took the guesswork out of the equation. Our solution is one which produces a brilliant render in seconds: You simply drag your model into the scene - ready to be rendered!


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Free Sample Scene

If you want to test our the lighting scene before you buy it, you can download our free sample.
It’s for unrestricted use, which you can modify to your heart’s content.


Our easy-to-use lighting scenes allows you to spend less time on technical hassles and more on making your work look great. The product comes packed with 12 unique lighting scenes and more than 30 different materials. All of these can be mixed and matched for even more awesome results!

Above image was created by Ten24 using the FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes. For more of their stunning scans, click Here

What The Community Is Saying

Emilie Stabell

"The FlippedNormals Lighting Scene has made my life much easier. I no longer have to worry about lighting and rendering, I can now fully focus on creating a great model and achieve a professional look and finish in a matter of minutes."

- Character & Environment Artist at Media Molecule

William Vaughan

"The Flipped Normals Lighting Scene is an invaluable resource for showcasing my modeling work. With its ease of use and incredible results, it’s a must have for anyone wanting to create stunning renders of their models."

- Award-winning artist, writer, & director

James Busby

"The FlippedNormals Lighting Scene has allowed us to produce amazing renders in just minutes, rather than hours.
This has resulted in much faster turnaround not only ourselves but also for our clients."

- Director at Ten24

Jan Jinda

"The FlippedNormals Lighting Scene is the easiest and best tool for lighting available! My entire showreel using was lit using it! This lead to get a job at Double Negative! I highly recommend every artist gets this. It will pay for itself right away - and maybe - help you get the dream job"

- Generalist at Double Negative


William Vaughan from Pushing Points has done a review of the MODO scene if you want to learn about it from a user perspective check it out.

How It Looks

Here's an overview of the 12 different light setups you can find within the package. Each light setup has been made with one material in mind for best effect, but try and mix up the material and lights for even more setups!


Our included Photoshop file makes it easy and quick to push your render to the next level.
Easy to use masks and color correction gives you control over your image.

Above image was created by Emilie Stabell using the FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes. For more of her amazing work, click Here

Practical Specifications

What you get and what you need

300 MB - ZIP compressed files

Software Requirements
Maya 2016 with V-Ray 3
Maya 2016 with Arnold
3ds Max with V-Ray 3
MODO 901

Files Included
12 Lighting Scenes
Photoshop File
Training Videos

User Gallery