10 Sci-fi Padded Wall Materials

This is a set of 10 completely procedural and customizable Sci-Fi Padded Wall Materials. There are various parameters that you can tweak to get different results. They can be changed to get new Height, Normal, Colors, Ao, Roughness, Metallic, emissive, and aging information.

You will get:

  • SBSAR file, which can be utilized in Substance Painter or in your preferred 3D software, you can also use Substance Player to export different textures by changing the parameters and also export them at different resolutions.
  • 4k tileable & seamless textures (Basecolor, Normal, Height, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Emissive).

Besides, a file that includes 1 Sci-Fi Padded Wall Material + textures has been uploaded Here as a test.

To learn about the process of creating such materials, check out this tutorial: Sci-fi Padded Wall Tutorial

Just drag and drop the SBSAR file on the substance painter shelf and define it as a base material.
Don’t forget to turn the “Emissive” channel on and activate the “Displacement” option. I also recommend turning the “Ao” channel on.




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