100 Practical Low-poly Shuriken 3D Models & Base Mesh + IMM Brush – Vol 2

With a cool demo.

This is a Practical and unique KitBash of Shuriken (Ninja Stars or Throwing Stars) 3d Assets that you can have.
A shuriken literally means “hidden hand blade”.
All of them are ready for baking process so use this package to quickly Build your custom shuriken weapons for any projects you have, for example: games & animations & etc… in
You have 100 types of Stylized (like sci-fi & magical & etc) And Realistic (from ancient until yet) Shurikens.

This product including:

  • 100 Low-Poly 3d Models of Shuriken
  • 4 formats: FBX & OBJ & STL & Blend
  • IMM Brushes (.zbp) for Zbrush
  • Renders for Preview
  • A very small gift from me to you (to appreciate)

Model details:

  • All have clean UV (Uv-unwrapped)
  • All models are ready for baking process
  • All models are quads & Editable if you want
  • Models have an average of 3.87k tris
  • Clean mesh and Optimized

Notice: IMM brushes made in zbrush 2021.

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