100 Sbsar Files Fabric Materials Vol 03

Hi guys.

Here is a set of 100 SBSAR Files Fabric materials  VOL 03 made entirely in substance designer.

  1. You can change color Pattern & Background in each material by HSL.
  2. You can change Tile, Rotation and offset in each material.
  3. You can change Intensity Normal and type Normal in each material.
  4. You can change Intensity Roughness in each material.
  5. You can change Intensity Height in each material.
  6. You can change Intensity Ambient in each material.
  7. You can change Intensity Metallic in each material.

This product contains:

  1. 100 SBSAR Files 
  2. 100 Preview PNG.
  3. 1 Free SBSAR Files.
  4. Video How To Use SBSAR Files.

You can use .SBSAR files in Substances designer-Substance painter-Substance Player(free Software) or any software that read .SBSAR for use or exporting the maps .

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