100 Stitches Brush – Substance and Zbrush

Modeling stitches line is a challenging task. If you have a massive library of stitches, your tasks are going to be an easy job! We create this library for you. 100 different types of stitches in brush mode and you can use them in both ZBrush and substance painter, or you use these stitches as Alpha in all software that supports alpha workflow. We provide videos to show you how to use this product in Substance and ZBrush.



After purchasing this product you have access to these items:


100 Stitches Alpha in PSD and PNG format with 16-bit depth

100 Stitches Brush for ZBrush

100 Stitches Brush for Substance Brush

100 Stitches Brush  Preview


you can watch how to use video for these type of product here :





Attention: ZBrush Brushes can be used by 2018 version or above


Attention: For Substance brushes you need adobe 3d substance version 7 or above




This material Created by Mirage3Dart and Milad-Kambari, you can access to their portfolio on Artstation by the links www.artstation.com/mirage3dart



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