112 Minute Tutorial SpeedTree (Hand Drawing)

SpeedTree is a software program that allows you to model different types of plants and natural areas, as well as the possibility of using plants. This software was launched in 2001 to have a load, and by 2009 you can use it with great help and in most cases provide yourself with it. (Iron Man 3, Space Leaders Towards Darkness, My Life, My Victory) SpeedTree’s culmination is through the Avatar Budget (Avatar), which was released in 2009 and SpeedTree in 2017. It may be a practical, specialized, engineering and engineering activity for successful participation.

◾️In this tutorial, you will get acquainted with the powerful Hand Drawing command.Manual design is one of the most powerful instructions in SpeedTree software. This command allows you to create your own tree or plant with the movement of a mouse or a solid light pen, and this is great. It is also possible to draw manually and combine it with speedtree parameters, which makes your work extremely fast.

◾️Items in this tutorial file:
◾️112 min Video tutorials(Hand Drawing)
◾️Texture files
◾️If you have any questions, I can answer your questions at this address:https://www.instagram.com/hamidbahrami3d

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