120 Industrial Zbrush Alphas

Industrial ZBrush Alphas

This pack contains 120 high-quality ZBrush alphas ready to be used for all your amazing projects!

Get creative by layering different alphas on top of each other to get really interesting and unexpected results. These alphas are perfect for a plethora of hard surface projects, and they can really speed up work and quality of your projects immensely.

Prototype quickly

One of the main advantages of this pack is that you can prototype out different designs really quickly. Test out different rivets, details and shapes – and get instant feedback. You can also use the alphas to create quick geometry using Shadowbox found in ZBrush. Shadowbox is a really cool tool to quickly prototype different shapes up.

Remember to use “DragRect” or even “DragDot” when applying the alphas.

Have fun!

Enjoy them and have fun creating awesome hard-surface projects!

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