120 Stitches Brush

Enrich your library and ease your workflow, add a range of different Stitches to your art piece with this pack. High-quality details are essential to make your works look professional and save you lots of time. with this pack, you will have 120 high-quality Stitches with micro and macro details, for each Pattern normal map/height map, and a mask texture included.

* there are 40 stitches patterns with 3 different seam effect variations 40*3=120,  Stitches without seam effect(simple) – Stitches with hard material seam effect (like leather), Stitches with soft material seam effect

We believe what makes this package Special from other packages is the ‘Mask map’ which is very useful to apply color and texture to just Stitches fiber meshes.

by buying this pick you will have:

  •  120 Tileable/seamless Seams/Stitches  Height Map
  •  120 Tileable/seamless Seams/Stitches   Normal map
  • 120 Tileable/seamless Seams/Stitches  Mask Map
  • Format: .Png
  • Resolution: 4k

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