141 PBR Tile Texture Pack From 41zero42 Products -vol2

This product contains 141 textures of PBR tiles from 41zero42 products. In this collection, there are 25 different patterns from the “Pixel 41” collection in 4 colors.

In addition, the 41 color codes of the tiles in this collection are placed in a single color.

The color, cements between the tiles in all designs can be changed to your liking.

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The textures of this 4K texture are made with high precision and detail and are ready to be applied on your materials to give your scenes more realism and artistic appearance in any hosting program.

Tile texture sets include base color, plain, rough, gloss, AO, height drawings. The mentioned sbsar set of tiled textures (4096×4096) is also included.

** Note: If you want to see the rest of the PBR textures of the company’s products, you can follow the link below. **

70 PBR Tile Texture Pack From 41zero42 Products -vol1

To start the friendship, we put two of the textures of this product (for example) for testing in the following link for free. We will be happy if you use them to write your opinion for us

41zero42-pack Collection-05 Tile PBR Texture

41zero42-one Collection-08 Tile PBR Texture

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