15 Leaves Atlas | 5 Evergreen Plants Species | PBR | 8K | SBSAR

* 3 Size of 5 evergreen plants:

– Sansevieria

– Dracaena Marginata

– Dracaena Compact

– Yucca Elephantipes

– Aloe Vera

* This product is fully Procedural without using even 1 Bitmap.

* SBSAR file is included in the archive so you can create outputs in any size and any format that you need from 512 to 16K (if needed and by your system support) and change the resault using Random Seed.

*You can open SBSAR file by using Substance Player software that is a free application.

* There is various Materials in my profile. You can visit them too.

* Archive contains:

– PNG textures (10 Maps / 8K)

– Diffuse

– Translucency

– Metallic

– Specular

– Roughness

– Glossiness

– Normal DX

– Displacement (PNG / 16bit)

– Ambient Occlusion

– Opacity

*Also you can create more outputs like Curvature and Normal 16bit from SBSAR

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