20 Column Base Mesh ( With Uv)

20 Column Base Mesh ( with UV)

In each project, many items required by the artists consist of repetitive and similar items. To increase the speed of each artist in all tasks and parts of the project, we need a library of suitable models for various purposes, such as creating high-poly or using as a low-poly. In this package, we gather around 20 different types of Column Base Mesh for you. All Model are Low Poly as besh mesh and you can use them in all 3d Software. You can customize them according to your project such as Highpoly and for Sclupting. Ready to use in Gaming engines . All models have their UV’s (no texture).

After purchasing this package, you will get :

20 3d model as OBJ

Game ready model

All Model are Lowpoly as Besh Mesh

All model have UV’s


We greatly appreciate you choosing our 3D models and hope they will be of use. We look forward to continuously dealing with you.

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