20 Sci-fi Emission Decal Pack, with BOUNCE light. Decal Machine 2.1 Ready + all baked maps!

This package contains 20 emission decals with Bounce light, Decal machine 2.1 ready!

All decals have an emissive mask with one or 3 channels, depending on the number of lights, (RGB channels).

Also, this package contains all baked maps for texturing in other programs like Substance painter! (Alpha, AO, Curvature, Emission, Emission bounce mask, Height, ID, Normal and Subset mask).

Package also contains Blend file with Node Group for Emission mask,so you can easily change your light colors.

All decals are baked at 1024 (max resolution) with 4x Anti-aliasing, 512 AO,emission, and have no artifacts or shading issues.

Installation Process: Download the zip file, extract the contents and copy and paste the folder containing the decals into your Decal Machine decals folder.

If you start using them it is always appreciated to get some feedback.

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