209 Photos of Dinosaur Skeletons

Photos of various dinosaur skeletons with plenty of detail of the bones.


Allosaurus Fragilis Skull (11 photos)

Chasmosaurus Belli (41 photos)

Chasmosaurus Belli Skull (11 photos)

Cryolophosaurus Ellioti Scull (4 photos)

Giganotosaurus (34 photos)

Jobaria Tiguidensis (52 photos)

Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni (33 photos)

Stegosaurus Stenops (37 photos)

Included: 209 photos (721.16 MB)
Quality: 6000×4000
Equipment: Sony a6000, 16-50mm
Location: Australia
Content Type: Commercial (refer to this guide on how you can use such material)

Reference pack by AustraliaRef, Fotoref.com.


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