25 Gas Mask Base Mesh – Vol 09 ( Game Ready )

n each project, many items required by the artists consist of repetitive and similar items. To increase the speed of each artist in all tasks and parts of the project, we need a library of suitable models for various purposes, such as creating high-poly or using as a low-poly. In this package, we gather around twenty-five different types of GasMask for you. From Now, You can need your meet in the GasMask area with this library. All of them have proper UVs, which you can create your high-poly and bake it. All Model are under 10k tri and you can use them in game engines easily.

After purchasing this package, you will get :

  • 25 3d model as FBX and OBJ
  • All models have both UV channels 1 and 2
  • Ready for the baking process
  • All Model are under 17k tris

How To Prepare a Basemesh:

In the blog we have included two videos that you can learn how to use a base mesh. these videos show you the sculpting and texturing process.

How To Prepare a Basemesh-Part 01 : https://www.artstation.com/blogs/milad_kambari/djNb/how-to-prepare-a-basemesh-part-01

How To Prepare a Basemesh-Part 02 : https://www.artstation.com/blogs/milad_kambari/DOaO/how-to-prepare-a-basemesh-part-02

This Product Created by Mirage3Dart and Milad-Kambari, you can access to their portfolio on Artstation by the links www.artstation.com/mirage3dart

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