4k PBR Texture Of Glowing Crystal

This product includes 4k PBR Texture Of Glowing Crystal made in Mixer.

These PBR Textures can be used for any program that works with textures and height maps.

Info about this Product :

  • 4K PBR Textures ( 4096×4096 )
  • Glowing_Crystal_Albedo
  • Glowing_Crystal_AO
  • Glowing_Crystal_Displacement
  • Glowing_Crystal_Emmisive
  • Glowing_Crystal_Gloss
  • Glowing_Crystal_Metalness
  • Glowing_Crystal_Normal
  • Glowing_Crystal_Roughness


– The product does not include the mixer file.

– The texture might look different in different lighting conditions. ( You can always Tweak a little with Color, etc. )

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions! 

Thank you and enjoy the PBR Texture!

Digital products are non-refundable.

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