5 Free Knitted Fabric Materials + PBR Textures (part of Vol 3)

5 Free Knitted Fabric Materials + PBR Textures as a Gift

This is Free Part of a practical and unique Knitted Fabric Materials and Christmas Sets package and high quality PBR Textures for any program that works with SBSAR files and PBR workflow.

Having this collection to increase your library and bring these cool materials to your work.
You can see preview the effect of these materials on one object.

I have two gifts for you, one of which you can receive after purchase and the other that I left for free (5 Free Knitted Fabric Materials + PBR Textures as a Gift) is for the holy days and Christmas, and I hope you have a great and blessed year.
Merry Christmas my friends.

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This product including:

  • 30 Materials (SBSAR) – 5 Free Materials and PBR Textures as Gift
  • 30 4k PBR Textures (PNG and JSON files)
  • Each Material have a render as preview that have numbers
  • A very small gift from me to you (to appreciate)

Notice: The model not included.


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