547 Photos of Terraced Khmer Sanctuary on Hill

A detailed photoshoot of a large ancient temple complex. A shard of the Khmer empire on Thailand soil.

Built on high grounds which gave an opportunity to create a long terraced walkway for religious Buddhist ceremonies of the past and present.

It features an inner yard, big entrance structures, a tall shrine in the middle, and a naga decorated entrance group. Including arched tunnels, roof pikes, interlocking large stone masonry, rooms and niches with statues, tall multi-step towers.

It’s a great focused reference for stone architecture.

Included: 547 photos (3681 MB)
Quality: 6000 x 4000
Equipment: Sony A7C, 24-240mm
Location: Thailand
Content Type: Commercial (refer to this guide on how you can use such material)

Reference pack by atenitsky, Fotoref.com.


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