70 Axe Low-poly – Vol 01 ( Ready for Game )

Having a large set of objects can speed up our projects, from any object category if we have a set of that category, in many cases we will not have problems.

I have prepared 70 different samples of axes for you as a low-poly that you can use in any software and rendering engine.

The modeling is such that if you want to convert them into a high-poly , just by adding a TurboSmooth modifier, your object from the low-poly will convert into a high-poly with a clean and excellent topology.

After purchasing this product:

  • You have 70 models of Low-poly Axes in the form of 70 FBX , OBJ , MAX files.
  • 1 file of FBX , OBJ , 3D Max with all 70 axes in it.
  • You have preview of all 70 models Axes with numbered

The good points of this collection:

  • All models of axes are under 10k triangles
  • All models have UV 1 and UV 2 and are properly Unwraped.
  • All models are Low-poly with a very clean topology.
  • They are ready to be used in game engines as well as in any software.
  • The unit of measurement is centimeters.
  • The scale of all axes is similar to reality.

After purchasing this product, if you have trouble downloading or executing the file or if you want another output from the file, send a message to my email and I will reply to your message soon.

My email :

[email protected]

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