Tech Heavy Photoshop Brushes & 2D Kit-Bash Elements

80 Photoshop brushes and 2D kit-bash elements for digital artists.

These brushes and kit-bash elements are great for developing sci-fi concepts such as weapons, environments, hard surface tech, vehicles, spaceships and much more!

Used In Film & TV

I’ve been using these elements for over two years in my work as a professional concept artist working in TV and Film. The purpose for originally creating these elements was to overcome the initial time consuming steps of the creative process.

I wanted to create a process where I could simply jump right into the exploration stage, by moving existing elements around and allowing the concept to begin shaping itself. With over 80 different elements, combining these elements can arrive at some very interesting results. Take a look at the example concepts above, created using this kit.

Versatile Use

The brushes will work in any compatible program that supports the use of Photoshop brushes (.ABR file) The kit-bash elements are included as individual .PSD files for each of the elements.

Note – This product is included with the Tech Heavy Pro Kit.

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