Abstract Art Kitbash Set

Abstract Art Kitbash Set

Abstract art kitbash set – create abstract art fast

This kitbash set will let you focus on creativity without being bored by long lasting modeling.
Find creative ideas fast by simply building your scene from a large variety of shapes.

Focus on Lighting and Composition

Train your lighting and composition skills by adding as many shapes as you like. In this Kitbash set you’ll find all types of objects, from cubic to organic, curves, backplates and more.
All objects are subdivision ready. No modifier or addon adjustments need to be done.

Are you intrerested in NFT’s and crypto art? Create your own with this kitbash set

Crypto art and NFTs have become a huge deal. Creating such ist another thing. With this kitbash set, you can build your own NFTs faster, creating a unique style.

All models are quad-based. No UVs, no materials. They are meshes only. There are 99 Objects in total.

Example scenes for Blender included.
The Kibash seht comes with six example scenes to recreate the images shown up here (native Blender files only)

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