Advanced Environment Mastery

Advanced Environment Mastery

Welcome to the HUGE, ultimate, 11 hour environment training course. In this course, you will learn industry secrets that can take your portfolio pieces to the next level and really get you noticed!

Environment Mastery is Game Arts Academy’s flagship course. If you are interested in becoming an environment artist, this is the course for you. Learn everything from choosing your environment to executing it and crossing the finish line with an impressive portfolio piece that will surely turn heads. Learn the secrets of the pro’s and never guess what the next step is.

This is the flagship advanced course in our comprehensive game art tutorial library and what all 3D artists taking our courses should be aspiring to complete. This course is only for advanced 3D artists who have the fundamentals down-packed and the ability to create props with a high-level of skills and in a timely manner.

Trade Secrets

Instructor Eddie Faria, has been in the games and films industry for over 12 years! In this course you will learn all the secret tricks he’s picked up over the years working on various projects and AAA studios.

What You will learn:

Project Planning

will start at the beginning of the development cycle by determining what environment is the best environment for you to create. We will teach you how to really look into yourself and decide what your soul really wants to create. We will focus on infusing a strong story into your project and set up your references after that.

Step by Step Guide

All you have to do is follow us step by step as we guide you towards creating a believable and breathtaking environment in UE4. If you follow along with each of the modules you should always have a clear direction on where to take your project.

Milestone Assignments

This is not simply a follow along course. Through out the course you will be required to complete milestones to make sure you are keeping on task and hitting your deadlines. While you do not give you direct feedback on these milestones, they do serve to help you stay accountable to finishing your project

Course Content:

– Module 1: Course Kick-Off

– Module 2: Modular Asset Planning

– Assignment #1: Blockout

– Module 3: Advanced UE4 Lighting

– Assignment #2: Preliminary Lighting

– Module 4: Environment Modeling Tips & Tricks

– Module 5: Master Material Setup

– Assignment #3: Master Material

– Module 6: Edge Wear On Tile-able Textures

– Module 7: Substance Painter Tips and Tricks

– Assignment #4: Refined Blockout

– Module 8: Tile-able Textures on Props

– Module #5: Large Props

– Module 9: Trim Textures In Substance Painter

– Assignment #6: Storytelling Props

– Module 10: Post Process Tips and Tricks

– Module 11: Marmoset Toolbag 3 Advanced Rendering


  • Students are required to have a foundation in 3D art and game asset development. College level education is recommended
  • SKILLS LEVEL: Advanced
  • Unreal Engine 4 is required to complete the lessons.
  • 3DS Max, Maya or Blender or equivalent 3D package is require to complete the course work.


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  • Amazing

    Amazing course, I learned a lot of good practice and workflow, I like the approach as it more student oriented rather than click there copy that etc…

    I only remove one starts not because of the content but would love to have an update for the lighting part using Lumen UE5 ( as a separated tuto maybe?).

    Thank you a lot for the time put in that work!

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  • Great Tutorial

    As someone who has never completed an environment and had tons of unanswered questions about texturing, the texturing portion alone was worth it for me. The guys are very quick to answer questions and provide solutions through chat as well.

    Audio quality at times is a bit rough, otherwise this had been money well spent.

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  • Not the ''HUGE, ultimate, 11 hour environment training course'' I expected

    I think this course is a great foundations environment course, but its not the ”ultimate”, nor intermidiate or advanced course that is said in the description. It covers the basics of every point that is in the description but apart from that it doesn’t show how to build an environment, rather than the foundations of it. I wish it had more of the ”STEP BY STEP” videos that is said to have in the description, I can’t feel rather dissapointed by this course. Also the price is way up what it should had been.

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    • Hi Pablo,

      Sorry to hear you are disappointed by the course, and thank you for the honest feedback.

      You are right when you said that it’s more of an overview. The environments you see on the demo reel that we posted were all created by following along with the guidelines that we outlined in the course.

      We decided to make it more of an overview style with industry tips and tricks because everyone’s environment will be different, so it’s really impossible to make it step by step. No environments will be the same.

      Thank you for the honest feedback. We’ve made changes to the description to reflect that.



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