African Male-basesculpt

African Male-Basesculpt

Here we present you a Premium Quality, High-poly sculpture made in Zbrush.

General Features:

You can use this model in your projects to save time and speed up the design process of your custom creatures, or use it as it is. Includes High-poly sculpted model in Zbrush, with subdivision levels. Includes Low-res meshes (lowest subdivision level.) Predefined Zbrush Polygroups. Included Files & Formats:

.ZTL (Zbrush 2019.1.2) This is the main file, containing the sculpted meshes with subdivision levels. We aim to keep all models with a maximum of 5 Subdivision Levels, and keep the number of point/vertices below 10 million for the main body Sub-tool.

.OBJ – Highpoly meshe

.OBJ – LowRes Meshes These files contain the Lowest subdivision Level of the meshes with Polygroups/Materials IDs.


This is a high-poly digital sculpture only. The model doesn’t have UVs or textures and it is not rigged. We use Zbrush 2021.6.4 to create our models. In case you are using an older version of Zbrush, you can import the Highres obj and reconstruct subdivs, you practically won’t lose any detail. The Zbrush lowest subdivision level is a game-ready basemesh mesh, perfect for sculpting. We suggest that you create your own retopology according to your needs. Eyes are just simple spheres.

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