Antique Fan

Antique fan model optimized for video games. The original high poly model was used by Flipped Normals to create their Introduction to Substance Painter tutorial. I created this asset to practice my hard surface 3D modeling in 3ds max and my texturing in Substance Painter.

Game Ready

This asset was made for video games, this means that the wireframe has been optimized to use as few polygons as possible but still keeping a proper silhouette and amount of details for a theoretical AAA game project. The UVs are also adapted to the game industry standards, which means that the whole fan is unwrapped on a single UV sheet (except for the cables, they are using their own tileable material).

PBR Textures

The fan has been textured in Substance Painter using the latest PBR techniques used in the video game industry. You’ll find in this package my complete Substance Painter file (.spp) with proper folders hierarchy and layer names.

What’s Included

  • Antique fan low poly model (.fbx) with proper UVs and smoothing groups
  • All the fan textures (.tga) for a PBR shader (albedo, roughness, metallic, normal)
  • Substance Painter file (.spp) with properly named layers and folders

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