Antiques 2 PACK

• This Pack includes everything pictured in stills and images.

• Important Note on Subdividing the Mesh, you can Subdivide all Meshes

•  Expect LongFrames_GRP, MedFrames_Grp,SmallFrame_GRP, PhotoFrames_GRP, BigFrames_GRP ***.

• The Painting that are used in Frames are Free for Commercial Use as it was Downloaded from PixaBay and Wikimedia.

• It contains .FBX, .OBJ files and Texture files as .PNG, so that it can be used in other engines and softwares.

• PBR Based Texturing, and High Quality Texture maps, Contains 2048K Maps.

• Textures files contains Channel Packed as Roughness/Metallic/AO/Emissive.

• ALB – Albedo, NRM – Normal, RMA – Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion.

• Includes 10+ Set of different Props.

• Can be used in Interior Scenes and Shots, Decoration, Close up Shots, Still Life, Rendering etc.

I hope you’ll enjoy using these Props in your awesome projects!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, message me on artstation or mail me directly.


-Sushil Suryavanshi

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