Artmaxion – All Courses and Tutorials

You will gain access to download every ARTMAXION tutorial and course.

That’s over a $200 value.

This package will teach you beginner, intermediate, and advanced drawing & painting concepts. Not only that, but you’ll learn several ways you can make money with your art (including how to do what I’m doing, creating and selling courses.)

It is my sincerest wish that you won’t have to struggle artistically or financially any more than is necessary. That’s why I’ve put together this affordable and valuable package.

So many artists are stuck creating terribly flawed work for years just because they don’t avoid the simple mistakes that many have made before them.

I’m not afraid to admit that I was one of those artists. In fact, I still slip up. I’m human, we all are. But these mistakes don’t keep me down. I learn. I grow, and I prosper.

However, some artists aren’t so fortunate…

they sell their art for so cheap they can’t make a living. These poor artists struggle from commission to commission, sometimes working 10+ hours for a meager $50. And the saddest thing of all is, they never figure it out.

What is “it” you ask?

It’s that if you do what successful artists do, you can achieve similar results. That’s not a very hard concept to understand– in fact, it’s quite easy to get.

All you need to do is resolve to become the best artist you can be, value your work, your time, and yourself, and you’ll be on the fast track to success in any creative undertaking you decide to pursue. Oh, don’t forget to educate yourself and reach out to others who can help you. Those are big too.

This course is positively loaded with everything I know about creating strong work, selling that work at an abundant price, and living a life of creative freedom.

What you’ll get

  • The Beginner Drawing Course
  • The Beginner Painting Course
  • Art Commission Specialist
  • Overwatch Tutorial Bundle (Patreon Term 02 package)
  • Patreon Term 01 Package
  • Brushido Brush Pack + tutorial
  • Anime Character Painting Tutorial
  • Art Evolution Course Bonus Tutorials
  • Design and Paint a character Tutorial
  • Digital Painting Workflow and Techniques (The tutorial for the cover image of the Platinum Package.)
  • Illustration Start-to-Finish Tutorial

All you have to do is watch (and sometimes re-watch) one tutorial, practice the concepts until you get them, and then move onto the next lesson.


Step-by-step you will get ahead, then one day you’ll look back and realize you’ve taken a massive leap.

It is my absolute and sincerest pleasure to serve you with this knowledge, this power. These are the concepts that separate the amateurs from the professionals, the person painting their uncle’s dog for $20 and the artist closing a $1000+ gig for a studio or advertising agency.

Whether you’re just getting started on the right foot, or you’ve been a weary traveler looking for a place to refresh your perspective and augment your journey with the tools you need to grow– this ARTMAXION PACKAGE will serve you well.

Happy Drawing, Painting, and Creating,


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