Adaptable Situational Rifle 12 (Combat Shotgun)

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Package includes: Fbx and Obj files of 3D models; Textures; Blender file; Unreal Engine file; Unity file.

Materials are set up in the Blender, Unreal and Unity files. Scenes are set up with textures already.

Blender file is set up with textures and materials, to get it to work correctly, make a file named ‘ASR-12’ in ‘Documents’ and place the Blender file and both Textures files in it. This is the path set for the blender textures.

Blender file contains models with the original 4 sided polygons instead of triangles like the others.

Correct parent hierachies set up in all scenes.

No Ngons

Models: (Models are seperated into seperate parts for ease of animation, seperate parts indicated next to model name)

  • ASR-12: body; selector switch; bolt; dust cover. (Black; Tan; Gold; Digitan; Digicam; Snow) (Tris: 13,902; Verts: 7,571) (4K and 2K texture options)
  • Venom Red Dot Sight: (Black; Tan; Digitan; Digicam; Snow) (Tris: 4,316; Verts: 2,314) (2K) (1K Glass textures)
  • Tornado Red Dot Sight: (Black; Tan; Digitan; Digicam; Snow) (Tris: 4,216; Verts: 2,274) (2K) (1K Glass textures)
  • 12 Gauge Magazines: 05rd mag (Tris: 656; Verts: 330), 12rd mag (Tris: 712; Verts: 358), 30rd mag (Tris: 3,290; Verts: 1,827); (Black; Tan; Gold; Digitan; Digicam; Snow) (2K)
  • Buckshot 12Ga: (Tris: 1,228; Verts: 683) (512×512)
  • Slugshell 12Ga: (Tris: 936; Verts: 495) (512×512)
  • Shotgun Shell (Spent): (Buckshot Spent; Slugshell Spent) (Tris: 912; Verts: 458) (512×512)
  • Slug Head 12Ga: (Tris: 1,056; Verts: 530) (512×512)
  • Stub Grip: (Black; Tan; Green) (Tris: 1,670; Verts: 855) (1K)
  • Hooked Foregrip: (Black; Tan; Green) (Tris: 1,824; Verts: 929) (1K)
  • Angled Grip: (Black; Tan; Green) (Tris: 1,148; Verts: 615) (1K)
  • Barrel Extension: (Black; Gold) (Tris: 144; Verts: 72) (1K)
  • Shotgun Flash Hider: (Black; Gold) (Tris: 2,016; Verts: 996) (1K)


  • Blender (Default):Base_Color; Height; Metallic; Mixed_AO; Normal_Open_GL; Roughness. (BearClaw sight and Box Scope also contain Opacity and Emissive maps)
  • Unity: AlbedoTransparency; MetallicSmoothness; Normal. (Also an Emission map for the previously mentioned sights)
  • Unreal: BaseColor; Normal; OcclusionRoughnessMetallic. (Also an Emissive map for the previously mentioned sights)

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Hope you like it. Kerj-3D

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