Audi Alloy Racing Wheels


Does your Car Model need a fresh set of wheels?… save yourself the time and effort with this super detailed set of 4 brand spanking new ones!

3 Formats Included:




+ All Textures

Each of the above will show in their own folder once unzipped

7 Spoke design

4 Complete Wheel sets

Low Profile Bridgestone Turanza Tyres

Correct direction of tread

Correct direction of tyre wall markings

The Calipers are separate objects, but they are grouped to their corresponding wheel (Highlight a wheel then SHIFT-G – select GROUP)

Modelled in Blender 2.79/2.80

Textured in Substance Painter 2

2K textures used for all but the Tyres

Easily animate rotation of the wheels (But not the calipers of course!)

Tyres are Bump Mapped to give depth to the tread and for the tyre wall details

The Front Wheels are parented to an Empty (named Wheel_Direction_Control_Empty), by using this empty you can rotate both Front Wheels together to simulate them turning in the Z Axis.

This Empty is constrained in the Z Axis from -60 degrees to +60 degrees

You can move & scale the Wheels to suit your Vehicle and the Empty is not affected

Polycount Per Wheel including Brake Caliper:

F: 30,548

V: 30.729

T: 60,833

Approx Real World Scale (Metric):

X: 19.1cm

Y: 53.3cm

Z: 53.3cm

Scale applied 1.000

You can easily scale to suit your vehicle

Please see Documentation provided

Thank you for your support & interest



If you are using the .FBX or .OBJ please consider the following a guide…..

How to import these Models into Blender/ your Blender scene:

Unzip “Audi_Alloy_Racing_Wheels_All_Files.7z”

After you have extracted the file :

1.Open Blender

2.Go to File……..find and open `Audi_Alloy_Racing_Wheels.blend`

If you are adding (appending) the Wheels to a current scene :

3.Select: Append

4.Go To Your Audi Alloy Racing Wheels Folder Location

5.Open: Audi_Alloy_Racing_Wheels.blend

6.Select all the following Objects :

Wheel_Nearside_Front & Nearside_Front_Brake_Caliper

Wheel_Nearside_Rear & Nearside_Rear_Brake_Caliper

Wheel_Offside_Front & Offside_Front_Brake_Caliper

Wheel_Offside_Rear & Offside_Rear_Brake_Caliper

(Basically all 4 wheels and their corresponding Calipers)

And if you wish to use it…….the Empty

Remember : The Brake Calipers are not attached to the Wheels so as to make animation easy, however they are `GROUPED` to each wheel,……… Just select the wheel, Press SHIFT+G then select group from the drop down menu,…. you can now move both the Wheel and the Caliper together.

Blender Version 2.79/2.80 used to create the Models

Substance Painter 2 used to Texture the Wheels at 2K resolution

Colour, Metallic, Roughness & Normal Maps used (Height Maps provided should you wish to use them)

Tyres Bump Mapped to give depth of tread and detail to the side wall markings

All Textures/Images and associated files are included/Packed within the Blender file.

The HDR Lighting shown in the renders is not included (there are plenty of free ones out there!)

The Objects are named accordingly within the Outliner

The Wheels are on layer 1

The basic lighting is on Layer 2 (I highly recommend using a HDRI)

Approximate Real world scale applied

All modifiers closed

EEVEE Compatible

Once Unzipped you will find 4 folders with all the stated files each in their own folder

Nice set of super detailed wheels to add to your Sports Car model !!

Hope you enjoy and find this product useful

Please message me if you have any questions and i will do my upmost to help

Thank you again for your interest


General Information regarding Alloy Wheels :

In the automotive industry, alloy wheels are wheels that are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium. Alloys are mixtures of a metal and other elements. They generally provide greater strength over pure metals, which are usually much softer and more ductile. Alloys of aluminium or magnesium are typically lighter for the same strength, provide better heat conduction, and often produce improved cosmetic appearance over steel wheels. Although steel, the most common material used in wheel production, is an alloy of iron and carbon, the term “alloy wheel” is usually reserved for wheels made from nonferrous Alloys.

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