Auto Limb Tool

Auto Limb Tool

Take the hassle out of rigging biped and quadruped limbs with the Auto Limb Tool.

Instantly add complex systems like IK, FK and Squash and Stretch to your joint chains with the click of a button.

The tool will also generate root controls and a full hierarchy for your rig.


  • IK & FK
  • Squash & Stretch
  • Volume Preservation
  • Roll Joints & Controls
  • Change Control Colours
  • Biped and Quadruped Limb Support
  • Foot/Paw Control Orientation
  • Supports Different Joint Orientations

Future Updates

  • Reverse Knee Support
  • Arachnid Limb Support
  • Tentacle Support
  • Spine Rigging
  • Constraint, Node and Matrix Options
  • Spine Rig Support
  • Soft IK
  • Elbow & Knee Pinning
  • Multiple Limb Support
  • Space Swapping

See it in action here

Auto Limb Tool Video

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