Automatic Skeleton Placement in Any Character, Any Pose, Any Topology

Placing Joint Skeletons has always been a fundamental process of Rigging a Character, but what if we could automate this task? now what if we could achieve this for any character, pose, body shape, and even different Topology.

In this training series you’ll learn this industry leading method to position your skeletons with the single click of a button.

We’ll start by discussing conventional methods of joint placement and the challenges of automating this process. We’ll then look at a variety of examples of different bodies and faces in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and poses and then devise a scripted method to place these joints with incredibly high accuracy.
We’re not talking about the initial sizing and placement of rig templates that many Packages offer, We’re talking about achieving accurate placement of fine detail areas like Fingers, Elbows, Knees, and Facial joints leaving no manual adjustment needed. The days of partial rig placement are over and the cumulative hours spent in hundreds of assets doing this tedious process are a thing of the past.
Lastly, we’ll expand on this idea and discuss further processes that build on these concepts. Once you finish this series, you’ll be one step closer to automating your entire Rigging Pipeline based simply on a model file.
This is… “Automatic Skeleton Placement in Any Character, Any Pose, and Any Topology”. Let’s jump in and change the way we forever approach Rigging characters.

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