Banksy Rioter Stl Statue for 3D Printing 3D Print Model

– Update: 17/08/2020: Bansy Rioter Files Version 3:

  • Now the Version 3 of the files for the Bansky Rioter 3D printable sculpture are available.

– Changes Made:

  • Fixed thickness on the pants legs and in the scarf. No more holes on the prints.
  • Fixed the collision beetween the scarf and the jacket collar. Now the masked head should to insert correctly in socket.
  • Socket/Peg Clearance: The Jacket and the Base, with their respective sockets redone with a cleareance of 0,9mm,(0,009cm),(anterior 0,5mm/0,005cm).


If you experience some problem with the model, or have some sugerences for enhance the model, don’t hesitate to contact me. Your feedback help me to make better digital sculptures.

  • The other sockets for hands and feet insertion maintain the same clearance,(0,5mm/0,005cm).

  • -Buyers that downloaded the Version 1, please contact me via PM here, or to my email adress:

  • [email protected]

  • And I’m going to send to them the Version 3 of the files for free.

  • Thanks to my buyers for the feedback.


  • Original Description 13/08/2020:

  • This is my Bansky Rioter Sculpt done for 3D printing.

  • The original sculpt was made in Autodesk Mudbox 2015 to be 3D printed in small format, all in a single solid mesh.

  • Now it was revised, sliced, and keyed, to be 3D printed on medium and big format on Autodesk Mudbox 2019-1 and Autodesk Meshmixer.



  • 20 CM Tall including Base.

  • Not Hollow: To able to everybody to scale it up or down with no problems of wall thickness.

  • Higly detailed: 23.4million tris total.

  • Keys and sockets clearance 0,5mm (0,05cm).

  • Sliced on 12 parts/files.(See attached images).

  • STL, OBJ and FBX files included.

  • Files are in centimeters.(CM).

  • Two interchangeable heads.

  • This 3D model sculpt is royalty free.

  • You can make as many 3D printed copies as you want, and even sell them. 

  • But you cannot sell, or modify the STLs / OBJs files of this sculpture.

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