Basemesh Bundle V2

High-End Male & Female Basemeshes for Production.

I created these models to bring my personal and professional work to the next level. I use them on a daily basis and I’m now sharing them in order to help artists kickstart their own projects as well as facilitate their study of anatomy, topology and UVs.


  • Accurate anatomy (5 subdiv levels)
  • Clean topology – Suitable for sculpting and animation
  • Clean UVs with symmetrical islands and minimal distortion
  • Polygroups for fast masking and selections
  • Includes eyes and placeholder hair
  • Free updates – If I improve these models, you’ll get the new version for free


  • High poly Male model (.ztl)
  • Low poly Male model (.fbx)
  • High poly Female model (.ztl)
  • Low poly Female model (.fbx)


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  • Very Flexible!

    I usually associate good topology with animations, but don’t specifically think about the benefits of good topology on a base mesh. As soon as I opened these up, I was able to adjust each characteristic with ease, everything flows smoothly, it’s like sculpting with perfectly mixed clay. If the topology was bad, things would get jagged and weird, but everything I tried to adjust with these, went exactly where I wanted it to go, and I guess that’s the definition of good topology and a great base mesh. I was a little nervous spending this much money on base meshes, but after seeing how smooth everything is, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can come up with, and knowing that the topology in the end is going to be this solid, that’s a huge weight off my shoulders. Great asset, and great creator.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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