Basemesh Set – Adam & Eve

Basemesh Set – Adam & Eve

★ Combo Pack includes Adam and Eve Basemesh characters!

High Resolution ZBrush Tools with detailed musculature of the female and male body. TPose & Posed Model included.

These models are ideal for anyone looking to bring their understanding of anatomy and form to the next level. The mesh has Clean Topology, Edge Loops, and evenly distributed quads that are ideal for sculpting in ZBrush. I created this Basemesh Set to meet the needs that I had when I was just beginning to learn human anatomy. I hope you find it useful!

What’s included

  • High Resolution ZBrush Tool – Adam
  • High Resolution ZBrush Tool – Eve
  • OBJ of TPose and Posed Models
  • Teeth, Eyes, & Hair
  • Clean Topology
  • Polygrouped
  • 6 Subdivision Levels



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  • Exactly what I needed.

    Beautiful meshes-perfect topology-really appreciate the levels of sub division to allow for easier posing. Really awesome work.

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  • Great Base Meshes for Dynamesh!

    The one downside I found, and the reason I took away a star, has to do with the lack of UV’s. If there were great UV’s included, then it would be 5 stars, without any UV’s at all, I put them at 4 stars, but that still doesn’t mean it’s not worth purchasing.

    When I’m using base meshes that come with UV’s, I tend to feel restricted a little bit, because whatever I end up creating, I want them to still make sense with the UV’s, and I like being able to retain them, because having great UV’s that can be shared between multiple characters can save a TON of time when it comes to painting characters. BUT! When I use base meshes, LIKE THESE ONES, and they don’t have any UV’s at all, then it leaves me with a sense that I can Dynamesh them, get a little crazy with the types of characters I’m creating, which gives an added sense of freedom, which means they’re more fun to work with, but with the trade-off of knowing I’m going to have to invest a decent amount of time once the character is finished, to create UV’s myself manually, which is usually boring.

    If you don’t care about UV’s at all, then these are easily 5 stars. The faces work INSANELY well for creating blendshapes, the topology is great, the details are excellent, with a SLIGHTLY more cartoon look close up (without going all the way stylized), when compared to some other base meshes I’ve used. I’m happy with the purchase, and would definitely recommend them, just as long as you keep the lack of UV’s in mind.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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