Basic Belt Curve Brush for Zbrush 2019

This curve brush contains 4 tipes of belts, 3 of them have holes and the last one have a flat surface with rounded end, it can be used to finish the other tipes of belt.

In this package we can find two brushes, the both contains the sambe belt tipes but with some diferences:

BasicBeltCE_IMM.ZBP: This one is thought with the “Tri Parts” option enabled so it have closed ends “CE”. It means that you can’t weld the ends of the belt, instead it has a rounded mesh in both sides.

BasicBeltOE_IMM.ZBP: This one has the “Tri Parts” option disabled so it have closed ends “OE”. With this one you can weld the ends of the belt, for example, to perfectly encircle a cylinder.

Hey dude!

Paying for this product help me to continue sculpting awsome characters and doing what I love. If you liked it you can share my work to your friends. Thank you!

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