Beach Girls – Game Ready

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Technical details

3D models of cute girls in swimsuits with many customization options!

BeachGirl_01 – LOD 0: faces 42744, tris 82330, verts 44613

BeachGirl_02 – LOD 0: faces 46244, tris 88784, verts 49676

BeachGirl_03 – LOD 0: faces 54708, tris 97324, verts 54708

BeachGirl_04 – LOD 0: faces 34748, tris 66132, verts 37112

BeachGirl_05 – LOD 0: faces 45802, tris 83170, verts 48134

BeachGirl_06 – LOD 0: faces 39912, tris 76154, verts 43269

Rigged with Epic Skeleton. Additional bones that are added to Epic Skeleton: breast_l/r, hair_twintails_01-05_l/r, hair_twintails_bangs_01-03_l/r, hair_ponytail_01-07, hair_back_01_l/r, hair_front_01-03_l, hair_back_01-03_mid

Easy Animations retarget in Unity and Unreal Engine. Epic Skeleton/Humanoid rig.

Facial expressions are included (Morph Targets, Blendshapes).

Adjustable breast and butt size, and nail length via blend shapes. Every swimsuit works with adjusted sizes.


You can use this model for face mocap (live stream) and conversation animations.


PBR Textures Metall/Roughness

4K Textures – normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, opacity, matID

14 Texture sets – Body, Head, Swimsuit x3, Bikini Set x3, Shoes, Accessories, Teeth, Hair, Eyes, Lashes

3 Unique Swimsuit Meshes + 15 Unique Textures

3 Unique Bikini Set Meshes + 15 Unique Textures

2 Unique Shoes Meshes + 2 Unique Textures

7 Unique Jewelry Pieces

2 Unique Head Meshes + 5 Unique Makeup Textures + 2 Skin Tones

7 Modular Hair Pieces + 6 Colour Textures (White is included so you can make any color)

Easy Color change of any part via Material Instances. MatID is included. (UE4)

The model is completely modular, you can remove or add any part you want.

The full body under the clothes is included, it’s not a cutout! Nude versions are included!

It’s strongly recommended to use Kawaii Physics plugin for best results in Unreal Engine.

Body contains nude textures: both censored and not versions.

Props are not included (ball and ice cream)

File formats

Archive includes:

  • fbx. and obj.
  • all textures (png. and tga. mix)
  • renders in high resolution
  • Unity project (v2020+) – Built-in, URP, HDRP included!
  • UE4 project (v4.19+) – rigged with Epic Skeleton!

If you have any questions feel free to write me here or on my e-mail [email protected]

Thank you for your time!

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