Beginner’s Guide to Creature Creation for Games

Are you a beginner and want to create a game character from scratch and take that to a game engine ?

If that is the case then I welcome you to Nexttut Education´s Begginers Guide to Creature Creation for Games.


My name is Abraham Leal, I am 3D Artist and producer and I have 8 years of experience in the industry. Currently I lead my own studio Critical Hit where we design and produce projects for the entertainment Industry.

What you can do at the end

At the end of this course, you will able to recreate a 3D Character from a concept. You will understand all the necessary steps to create the Anatomy, Props, Animation Ready topoloogy, UVs, Textures and Materials needed for a final professional look in Unreal Engine 4.

We will be covering

  • Maya Modelling
  • Zbrush Sculpting
  • Anatomy
  • Retopology
  • UV Mapping
  • Texturing
  • Rendering with Unreal Engine 4
  • Cinematic Lighting
  • Post Production

I will start the course by teaching you the basics of Maya and Zbrush. We will then jump into creating our high poly Character as well as all the props and weapons. We will then jump to Maya and Retopologize everything to meet the game engines guidelines. After that we will texture our character in substance painter using several of my favorite techniques. To finalize we will create a small scene using Unreal Engine 4 and we will add some cinematic lighting to our project.

Who Should Enrol

I have designed this course for beginner level students and artists who want to learn the complete pipeline that we use to create a character for games. However if you already know the basics i am sure you can learn a lot of useful tips and tricks along the way. In this course i will be using Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4, so be sure to have all of them installed to follow properly.

Enroll now and take your 3d Character skills to the next level!


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  • Definitly worth money and time. 100% can recommend this course

    First i was like “20 bucks only for this, it’s probably not that professional”, after reading two reviews, I bought this course and ye, I can say for sure, every “newbie” (myself obviously included) will profit from this course.

    Thank you Abraham for this awesome course. Allthough I havent finished it yet, I can already give you 5 Stars for this 🙂

    I dont know which point I should mention first, because everything is pretty well explained and demonstrated. Especially the parts where Abraham explains important muscle anatomy. This course is already worth for understanding basic muscle and bone anatomy. He actually covers so much that it would take too long to mention each detail. But more important is that he is not like “hey I show you guys ‘boring’ anatomy”, he applies and explains it very well on his demon character.
    Also worth mentioning is: His Tipps&Tricks about workflow and how to use ZBrush (Remesh, Dynamesh, Subdivisions etc ) !!!

    And yeah definitly need more courses from him 🙂

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  • Great Instruction and Tutorial

    Abraham is a thorough instructor, and very enthusiastic about creating art. The title says creatures, but this tutorial is for anybody who wants to learn about character creation of any kind for games. I hope Abraham creates more tutorials.

    100% recommend this course for anybody wanting some solid clarification on all the intricacies of game asset creation.

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  • Excellent foundation and easy to apply content

    I have been doing 3d work for about 13 years and despite knowing a lot, the author in this video guide goes over a lot of things that have been overlooked, by both industry and hobbiests and norms.

    I admit this may sound crazy, this was more informative and cheaper than my time as a CGMA student, and more helpful truth be told. This turtorial series is not about just a beginner entry, but also has many useful foundations of finding better ways to work on things rather than start painful from scartch in some work flows. Anyone can benefit using this, it has been extremely helpful where CGMA and other schools have failed for me personally.

    Its almost too simple, but maybe thats why this works.

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  • This guy needs to do more tutorials. 100% recomended

    First off i have to say i didnt fully finish it yet, (bought it 3 days ago) but i felt like i needed to post this asap, ive never seen a guy explain this well on a tutorial, the introduction to maya and zbrush are amazing, and the rest of the tutorial is awesome (as i said i havent finished yet, but im getting amazing results).

    He explains everything needed to know, possible mistakes you can make and how to solve them, everything recorded in real time, super well explained… I only have good words for this, shout out to Abraham, i dont know if you have more tutorials, but you should definetly make some more, you are really good at it

    100% recomeded course.

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