Blaze Add-on / Cinematic Fire Shader in Blender

Blaze Add-on / Cinematic Fire Shader in Blender

Blaze Add-on Creates Cinematic Fire Shader in Blender.

If you are struggling, tweaking material again and again to achieve a good-looking fire you are at the right place, Save your time and with better results.

Whether making nuclear explosions, sci-fi blasts, or a campfire scene, or anything! you can easily do it by hitting just one button.

There are 35+ different color presets to achieve the wilder look and superpower fires, with great depth in colors.

This is the most efficient and pleasing FX shader add-on which will speed -up your work without worrying about the look as it is SUPER HOT!.

Two demo files are provided with the purchase to get familiar with the shader.

  • This Add-on Also works with the recent release of Blender 2.93.

Easy and Powerful shader:

Tired of messing with large node networks?

Blaze gives you all the controls on a single node, which makes your workflow a lot faster and effective by providing you all the necessary control in one place!

Easy UI:

Very simple and straightforward UI, so that you can go on without any confusion and tutorials, it is so simple to add Blaze shader that even a child can do it. but if still if you don’t understand we have provided very detailed documentation on our website and also some video tutorials to help you get started.

The Blaze shader can be added in a single click!

Are future updates free?

Always, all my add-on updates are free for existing users forever.

What’s new?

With V2 of the Blaze add-on, we have introduced procedural shaders that work even without any mantaflow simulation, and they are helpful in many cases as sometimes we try to achieve a particular type of effect and we are not satisfied even after so much experimentation and long baking times. so here are the procedural shaders that give you pretty much nice results instantly, without any wastage of time in experimenting with simulations.

Currently, there are 3 procedural shaders:

  1. Candle flame
  2. Engine exhaust flame
  3. Fire

and more are coming very soon.

  • Blaze Add-on Version 2.0
  • V2 consists of many new features like Improved shaders, 8 new fire presets, Bug fixes, and Procedural fire shaders that do not need any mantaflow simulation, or any VDB Simulation, so you so don’t need to waste time experimenting with the simulations and long baking times, just click on the button and the viewport is on fire!!
  • Blaze Add-on Version 1.4 
  • Another exciting update from our side and with this update, this add-on has a New Smoke shader with 12+ distinct color presets and two new colors presets for the blaze shader for Mantaflow, and with this total of 26+ color presets are available now!, and many more UI Improvements and improvements in the overall functionality of the add-onSo with this Update, this Shader Becomes the Best of all other Fire FX Shaders Available in the Market.
  • Blaze Add-on Version 1.5
  • With this update, we have added one new color preset for the shader and a completely new shader with more detail that will give you extra realism and the best look, many other shader improvements are loaded with this update.
  • watch this video for new features –
  • This is the Most Efficient and Pleasing FX Shader Add-on which will speed -up your work without worrying about the look as it is SUPER HOT!.


Support is available 24/7 for this product, so if you have any questions or problems related to the shader, a Help Button is provided when you install the Add-on. Click the button to contact us anytime.


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